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What are Loyality programs ?

When it comes to attracting new players, an online casino must offer various promotional and bonus offers. However, once the player has already made a purchase, the online casino must also retain them. Online casinos often retain existing players by offering bonuses and rewards for repeated deposits. In addition, they can also have a good Players Loyalty Program. A loyalty program is a system that gives players gaming points for playing Real Money online casino games. This system works by rewarding players with higher stakes and more bets.

Once you have accumulated enough gaming points, you will receive rewards from the online casino. Some of these are big prizes, merchandise, and loyalty programs. The concept of gaming points is simple; they are points that are given for every dollar wagered. However, in some online casinos, they give different gaming points depending on the game being played. Some online casinos also have higher cash credits for players who wager more. These are typically worth more once they reach a certain level of wagering.

How a Loyalty Program Works?

The Idea behind the loyalty programs may differ from casino to casino. But there are some common features that each casino practices. These are –

  1. Loyalty pragrams members will have an early access to new product or services that the casino may introduce.
  2. They are given first hand priority will there is any special sale or bonus.
  3. They are provided with enhanced services at the casinos.
  4. There are given free bonus and free wheel spins. They also have added advanctages than other players.
  5. There are accessible to world tournaments and games.

How a Loyalty Program Works?

How to join a loyalty programs?

To answer this you need to play a game. That’s right. Many casinos offer loyalty programmers to gamers who are indulge in playing games at the casino. FOr every win, they are awarded with points with are exchange with loyalty program.

Some casinos that are popular for their loyal programs

Some online casinos have designed very unique loyalty program that have inspired many casinos to adapt these programs. Few of these programs are –

1. Royal Panda

Loyal Panda is a loyalty program that rewards players for making minimum wagers at Royal Panda. Players can earn points by playing at certain games and then exchange them in the loyalty shop. The Diamond and Gold levels are reserved for players who have earned loyalty points. These levels do not require any wagering requirements.

Leo vegas

2. Leo vegas

Like other VIP schemes, LeoVegas has a loyalty points system that works seamlessly. There are multiple levels to reach, and each level has a different amount of points that you can accumulate. Unlike most platforms, LeoVegas gives you points for just about any wager that you make. VIP members are rewarded monthly with bonuses based on their performance. These are usually based on their points total. They also have a variety of reward draws where VIPs can win real-world prizes.

Any small or big casino will love to engage with their players. Loyalty programs are an classic example for the same.

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