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Watch – Owner strangles dog to death

The dog allegedly bit one of the children leaving him with serious injuries. The man retaliated by killing the dog with his bare hands.

Severus Pietersen was at home with his family in Burgershoop on Saturday, 24 June, when he heard a terrible racket coming from the neighbour’s yard.

He peeked over the precast wall and saw a man kneeling beside a dog. As he looked closer, he saw the man had tied a piece of what appeared to be wire of some kind around the dog’s neck and was busy strangling it.

Baffled by the sight, Pietersen picked up his cellphone and took a video.

The result was shocking. The man held the ‘wire’ very tightly around the animal’s neck and every 10 seconds or so he would rest his head on the dog’s head.

On investigating, the neighbour learned that the dog had bitten one of the children in the yard, leading to the man strangling the dog.



“His name was Chiko,” said the man. “I loved him and he was like a child to me. What I did was to protect my children, not because I wanted to.”

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