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Watch: Landlord attacks single mother with axe

Life changed very quickly for a local single mother when her landlord attacked her with an axe while she was alone with her young daughter.

The argument began when a the mother parked her vehicle in the “wrong parking space”. The mother was accosted by a new tenant who demanded she move her vehicle by swearing loudly. Frozen in fear and concerned for her daughters safety the mother refused to leave her locked gate.

The new tenant, who as we later learned was parked in her space, called upon the landlord couple who we see in the videos swearing and attacking the mother through her gate with an axe. Still refusing to walk outside of her safety now fearing for her life the landlords begin to break smash her pot plants and pushing her vehicle around.

The mother laid charges and has begun legal proceedings against the landlord. Since the 3 below videos went viral online a number of previous tenants of the landlord known as “Mr Machan” have come forward with similar experiences, the landlord is known as the Tinley Manor “Slumlord” and is known for these actions against tenants.

According to the Mother, known here as Melissa-Leigh Lee she was told the following when opening the case at the Umhlali Police Station – “The station commander said we have NO case and must just accept a verbal apology from Mr and Mrs Machan. We did insist in laying charges but I don’t hold out much hope.”

Below you can view all 3 videos, Warning STRONG LANGUAGE!


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