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Warning to SA on Hate speech and Racism on Social Media

Warning to SA on Hate speech and Racism on Social Media

The media lately is ablaze with stories of South Africans taking to social media platforms to voice their hate for people of other races, some reports have included well known individuals and public figures using blatant racial slurs in their online rants.

Whilst the SAHRC (South African Human Rights Commission) has issued warnings that legal action will be taken against this sort of action. Drastic measures only seem to be implemented when a particular instance is highlighted by the media or happens to go viral online, this leaving a vast amount of hate speech and repeat offenders unpunished.

WrightMedia founder Jaun Grobler stresses that “The most worrying concern is not the fact that racists get away with this form of hate speech or what is actually being said, but rather the precedent that is being set by the in-action of representative bodies and the SAHRC to punish the individuals. When public racism goes unpunished we as a society do not fully comprehend the damage and tend to take these infringements too light hearted.”


Many reputation management agencies and PR firms are monitoring the South Africa internet landscape much closer than before for damages to business brands due to staff posting racial hate speech on their personal profiles and pages, 13 of which have agreed to notify the government and the SAHRC of hate speech and racism on social media platforms and other social networks.

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