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President Zuma’s inaction blocking State Capture Inquiry – DA

Today’s press briefing by the Deputy Chief Justice, Raymond Zondo, confirmed what the DA already suspected: that the establishment of a judicial commission of inquiry into allegations of state capture is once again being frustrated by the President.

Justice Zondo, who was appointed to chair the commission by President Zuma on 9 January, made it clear that he was ready and prepared to proceed. However, having not received the terms of reference from Zuma, he was unable to do so. Indeed, without terms of reference the commission is unable to set a budget or appoint evidence leaders.

His press conference was little more than a cry for help, letting South Africa know that that the Judiciary’s hands are tied.

It is clear that Zuma announced the establishment of a commission of inquiry at a time when he was under pressure, but having secured his political survival he has little intention of following through.

The DA is seeking legal advice on this matter and will do everything in its power to compel the President to set the Commission’s terms of reference.

Addressing the ongoing scourge of State Capture is urgent and in the best interests of all South Africans. Zuma can no longer frustrate and delay this inquiry.


Source: Democratic Alliance
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