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Man ejected from vehicle that landed on train track

A man was injured after he lost control of the vehicle he was driving and landed on a train track earlier this evening.

It is understood that the man was travelling on the R54 about 25km from Potchefstroom when he lost control of the vehicle.

The vehicle went off the road, rolled and landed on a train track about 50 metres away from the road.

When ER24 paramedics arrived on scene they found the vehicle which landed back on its wheels on the train track track.

The man however was found about 25 to 30 metres away from the vehicle. It is understood that he was ejected.

A train had also stopped close by. Fortunately it was dual train tracks. The train was travelling towards Vereeniging. The vehicle was on the train track heading towards Potchefstroom.

Upon assessment of the man it was found that he sustained multiple injuries and was in a serious condition.

He was treated and transported to the Potch Provincial Hospital for further medical care.

The vehicle was removed by towing services.

The exact cause of the incident is unknown.

Authorities were on scene for further investigations.

Source – ER24

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