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IFP Congratulates Class of 2017

The Inkatha Freedom Party sends all matriculants its heartiest congratulations on completion of their final year of secondary education.

IFP spokesperson on Basic Education, Mr Xolani Ngwezi, MP, said, “Today we celebrate together with all matriculants and congratulate our learners on a job well done,”

“Our matrics have now completed an important foundational phase of their learning and prepare now either for further studies at one of our tertiary institutes, or for entry into the job market. We salute them and wish them well in their future endeavours, whichever they may choose,”

“We are also pleased with the national ‘pass rate’ percentage, especially in so far as it addresses past underperformance by certain provinces. This years pass results are encouraging and credit must go to both the teaching staff and learners; The hard work, preparation and study has paid off,”

“To those students who did not achieve the results they desired, we encourage you to sit the matric exams again this year. The doors to higher education are never closed to the dedicated mind,”
“We wish all matriculants the very best of success. You are the future of South Africa, you are the business leaders of tomorrow,” concluded Ngwezi, MP.

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