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Iconic Blue Train adds a second observation car

The Blue Train is pleased to announce the addition of an Observation Car to its second train set. The second train set has been updated, the 15 carriages, reaching a total length of 328 metres. The observation car with its wide panels at the back of the train is one of the very picturesque experiences that draws many to The Blue Train.

Speaking on this new addition, Vincent Monyake, Executive Manager of The Blue Train said, “Our guests and clients spoke, and we listened. We are pleased that our second train set is updated and guests on either train will have The Blue Train’s quintessential viewing experience, complete with the wide-angle viewing at the end of the train. Travelling through South Africa’s sweeping landscapes takes a different form with the majestic view from the Observation Car, and the ability to make that available for business meetings and conferences makes for a truly memorable experience aboard the Blue Jewel. We look forward to hosting many more incredible charter functions, fabulous trips and fantastic business gatherings.”

As is commensurate with The Blue Train, the interior of the Observation Car has been tastefully designed, continuing the genius of interior designers at Wilson & Associates. It is classic, sophisticated and luxurious without compromising function, featuring mute gold tones and rich blue hues. The fixtures include polished, birch solid-wood panelling with wide double glazed window panels that offer clear multidirectional views of the landscape as the train traverses. Two plush wingback chairs are placed at the tail end of the train, to comfortably ensconce the guests as they take in the glorious view. In the middle of the car, on either side are three intimate seating coves of short leatherback tub chairs coupled with high gloss solid wood tea tables. At the entrance, just before the automated birch solid-wood door with laser printed glass, are six four-chair settings with tables, perfect for small group seating over a light gourmet meal or fine beverage.

The new Observation Car can also be converted into a conference room for business meetings and events. For this, high-back leather padded chairs with The Blue Train insignia carved on the top of the back wooden frame, along with high gloss birch solid-wood tables are made available. This stunning conference set up is complete with plug points, audio-visual set up, that includes a projector and screen.

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