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How to make a Vuvuzela. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia, artwork copyright of WrightMedia

How to make your own Vuvuzela

The soccer world cup may be over but a Vuvuzela is still one of the most unique sounds to celebrating anything to and pure South African!

Whether you love them or hate them, we thought it would be a great to idea to share how you can make your very own Vuvuzela at home on a low budget. Who knows you may love it more than you think and it will sure give your lungs a good workout.

Step 1.

Saw off the closed side of your baseball bat, below is an example of cheap plastic bats you can use. You do not need the extra ball but you could use it to muffle the volume slightly 🙂

baseball bat
Photo courtesy of, you buy them here –

Step 2.

Make the hole at the back of the bat bigger and glue the green part of a cheap party horn into the back of the bat into the hole. This should be done so that the small part is what you will blowing into. Remember you do not need the gold and purple section just the flute part.


Step 3.

Start blowing away, believe it or not that is the most basic version and all you need to get going, feel free to check the link below to find a tutorial with a few more steps that help you polish off your Vuvuzela to get that full blown effect like at the Soccer games! – Make your own stadium horns.

Now go and get your Vuvuzela out to the next game!

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