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Forever Resorts Gariep Dam receives scathing review

theSouthAfrica has received numerous reviews from campers and holidaymakers across the country on their favourite, and least favourite holiday camps and resorts.

One noteworthy review from William and his wife Sandra landed on my desk this morning, and I thought it deserves further investigation.

William and Sandra stayed at the Forever Resort Gariep Dam last week with their Discoverer Motorhome en-route to Cape Town.

Forever Resorts describe the property as ‘award-winning’ where you can have your ‘fairy-tale wedding’ on the banks of the Gariep Dam in the Free State.

Sounds great right?

Unfortunately for William and Sandra, the experience was anything but.

They decided to treat themselves to what Forever Resorts call a ‘Luxury Stand’ promising a private bathroom.  These sites are priced at almost double compared to a normal campsite.

Upon arrival, William parked his motorhome and started looking for a tap to fill up his motorhome water storage tank.  After 20 minutes of searching, he called the office to inquire where the tap is and was informed that he needs to use one of the taps in the Kitchen or Bathroom.  In theory, this is great, your very own private tap.  Only problem is, none of the eight different fittings William has, fit onto the tap as it is a domestic kitchen tap.  Luckily, William is a ‘maak ‘n plan’ kind of guy and created the below makeshift connector.

When William tested his new rig, the floor started flooding within minutes.  He then realised that the tap is leaking as it has not been sealed in what looks like years.

Moving on from this, as the sun set, Sandra switched on the outside light and was greeted by a ‘disco’.  The outside light has blown and was flashing like a rock n’ roll festival in the 60’s.

Sandra called the office and reported the matter – the receptionist promised that maintenance would be there shortly to resolve.  Needless to say, when William and Sandra left three days later, the disco party continued. Maintenance did not bother even to attempt to fix the issue.  They simply did not arrive.

The next morning William decided to take a shower.  The shower was one of those makeshift bath/shower combos made for tiny people.  Not a deal breaker by no means, but still annoying.  Broken taps seem to be the norm, with at least 3 of the taps barely functioning – patched together by a creative, but ineffective maintenance team.

When he tried to open the bathroom window – he was met with some lovely mould that seems to have started its very own farm.  It looks like no deep cleaning, or any cleaning takes place at this property, as the couple discovered.  The bathrooms were not cleaned once in the three days that they visited the ‘resort’.  Not even a quick wipe and mop.  Nothing.

The bathroom door was another issue.  It did not close or open without a fight as the door is entirely swollen and busy falling apart.

The couple understands that the ‘resort’ is placed by one of the largest dams in South Africa, but they still do not expect water to be leaking out of the geyser during the entire period of their stay.

Needless to say, William and Sandra have informed us that Gariep Dam, Forever Resorts will not see them again.

We have asked Forever Resorts for comment regarding the review, but they did not respond.

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