Monday , August 26 2019
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Burning truck kills two and injures seven

Two people were killed and seven others injured when a burning truck collided with various other vehicles on the N3 near Pietermaritzburg earlier this afternoon.

The truck allegedly lost control and collided with at least three construction vehicles on the road as that part of the N3 is undergoing road maintenance. When ER24 paramedics arrived on scene they found that one person was already deceased with extreme burn wounds. Two other patients has sustained critical injuries with their bodies completely covered in second degree burn wounds. These patient were placed on ventilators and rushed to Life Hilton Hospital by ER24 for urgent treatment.

The remaining patients sustained serious to moderate injuries including burn wounds and fractures and were treated and transported by ER24 and other services to nearby hospitals for further treatment.

Another deceased patient was then found in one of the construction vehicles by rescue services. Sadly there was nothing paramedics could do for the patient and the patient was declared dead in scene.

The cause of this incident remains unknown, local authorities and fire services were on scene for further investigation.

Source – ER24

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