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Advertising Options

So what makes advertising online with TheSouthAfrica so different and why have so many other advertisers experienced results as opposed to other news websites and portals?

Network Overview: website contains all news, articles and community events for all WrightMedia websites. This content is then syndicated to all our other metropolitan and community networks and websites. What makes our platform so unique is that we do not only offer a high traffic advertising platform for all of South Africa, but are also able to target advertising to specific area’s within South Africa.

Complete List of Syndicated Community Websites: Read More!

Ad Delivery Methods:

Currently we offer banner based advertising slots that are billed on a monthly or impression basis. We however have not setup a full-scale CPM model and our reasoning is quite simple for this. Since we are able to provide area specific targeted advertising options, your ad leads and interactions are a lot more valuable and appropriate for your intended target market, this makes community or area delivered ads a lot  more effective and your click to sale ratio will often increase to a much higher level than that of you typical CPM based advertising slots.

We also monitor our area-specific locations for product mentions, your specified keywords and as well as market trends related to your industry or competitors and provide this valuable insight to you our client through detailed comprehensive reporting on a regular basis.

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TheSouthAfrica offers online advertising that is cost effective and reaches your intended target market, by offering advertising nationally and in your own town.