Monday , December 11 2017
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Artificial Intelligence Seeks An Ethical Conscience

Leading artificial-intelligence researchers gathered this week for the prestigious Neural Information Processing Systems conference have a new topic on their agenda. Alongside the usual cutting-edge research, panel discussions, and socializing: concern about AI’s power. The issue was crystallized in a keynote from Microsoft researcher Kate Crawford Tuesday. The conference, which …

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AI Can Help Apple Watch Predict High Blood Pressure, Sleep Apnea

The world’s most valuable company crammed a lot into the tablespoon-sized volume of an Apple Watch. There’s GPS, a heart-rate sensor, cellular connectivity, and computing resources that not long ago would have filled a desk-dwelling beige box. The wonder gadget doesn’t have a sphygmomanometer for measuring blood pressure or polysomnographic …

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Russia-backed Facebook content reached 126m

 Facebook and Twitter have revealed the full reach of Russia-linked political posts during and after the US presidential election. Facebook said that as many as 126 million Americans – around a half of the US population of voting age – may have seen around 80,000 posts that were published by …

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EU warns tech firms over extremist content

 The EU Security Commissioner has warned technology companies that they will face regulation if they don’t remove extremist content more quickly. Sir Julian King told Sky News: “I hope that we’re going to be able to make progress, we are taking down tens of thousands of such material but there …

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