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Bakkie overturns leaving four injured, Molweni

Four men were injured this afternoon when a bakkie overturned on the Bhalito Road in Molweni in KwaZulu Natal.

ER24 paramedics, along with other services, arrived on the scene and found the bakkie on the side of the road. The men that had been on the back of the vehicle were found seated on the roadside barrier.

It is believed that the bakkie had overturned, ejecting the men off the back. The community assisted the patients and then turned the vehicle back upright.

Paramedics assessed the men and found that four had sustained minor to moderate injuries. Fortunately, no serious injuries or fatalities were found on the scene.

The men were treated for their injuries and were thereafter transported to nearby provincial hospitals for further care.

The local authorities were on the scene to investigate the exact cause of this incident.

Source: Arrive Alive
Full Story: Bakkie overturns leaving four injured, Molweni

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